MPA 90556 Premium Muzzle Brake


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MPA 90556 Premium Muzzle Brake

Thread – 1/2-28 tpi
Caliber – 5.56x45mm or .223
Material: High Tensile Strength Steel
Finish: Black Anodize
Function: Significantly Reduces Muzzle Rise and Recoil

Design: The three blast chambers redirects propellent gases to counter recoil from the firearm. The dual ports on top of the brake are designed to reduce muzzle rise.
These brakes are typically used in combat and timed shooting competitions. Once you attach this brake to the end of your MPAR, AR15 or similar rifle, SBR or AR type pistol, you will see a significant improvement in your ability to hold the weapon on zero during rapid fire or when quick target acquisition is required on repeat shots.

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