MPA Data Card Holder


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This new Data Card Holder System is designed to be used on any MPA full size chassis (MPA BA Chassis, MPA Comp Chassis) to provide a quick and effective method of viewing your DOPE for target distances while keeping your cheek welded to the cheek riser.

The system attaches to any of the six oblong slots on either side of the magazine well. The system provides multiple methods of removing from the chassis.

  1. Using the included Allen wrench, loosen the set screw in the “Chassis Mount” component and slide the unit out of the oblong slot.
  2. Unscrew the “Wire to Chassis Mount” and remove the entire assembly, less the “Chassis Mount” which will stay attached to the chassis.
  3. Unscrew the Thumb screw that holds the data card in place.

The data card has a surface similar to a dry erase board. You can use either a grease pen, a dry erase pin, or we recommend a “Crayola Washable Marker” which tends to leave the markings in place on the data card even when you make subtle contact with the board (dry erase markers are too easy to rub off). When its time to replace your data, simply wipe off the markings with a cloth or paper towel. The shooter also has the option of putting painters tape on the card and removing when the stage or shooting session is completed.

The data card is designed to be removed by unscrewing the Thumb screw that holds it in place. The card can he oriented top to bottom or left to right. This gives the shooter multiple options for card placement as well as the ability to write the DOPE on the card while not attached to the rifle.

There is also a hole cut into the data card that is designed to hold the allen wrench (5/64) in place while shooting. The wrench has a special treatment performed on the shank to keep it securely in the hole while shooting or moving the rifle.

The wire is flexible and has strong “obedience” (the ability to stay in any position you bend it). It is simple 12 gage solid electrical wire.

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