Tango Down BattleGrip Flip Grip


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This is the A2 Type Grip that flips between a straight Vertical Grip and a 24 Degree Grip.  This is an ideal grip for the MPA BA Rifles and Chassis systems for the shooters who want a true vertical grip interface between the shooters trigger hand and the rifle.

To toggle between Vertical and 24 Degrees, simply pull down on the grip and rotate. A spring and locking mechanism firmly keeps the grip in position.

Installation may require some slight modification to the main section of the grip. The rear fin will need to be removed, which can be done with a polishing wheel, sander, dremel or similar tool. Also the angle of the hole that allows the Socket Head Cap Screw to thread into the hole in the chassis may need to be elongated to allow proper installation alignment.

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Weight 1 lbs