Product Demos

MPA California Compliant Pistols and Carbines

MPA 9300SST-XX Tactical Carbine

MPA 5700sst 5.7x28mm Carbine

New MPA Defender Buttstock

MPAR556-P Pistol

MPA Bolt Action Rifle – Introduction

MPA Chassis System Review by Rich Emmons – PRS Series


Gallery of Guns TV commercial

Customer Demos

MPA 57sst – Dealer Test Firing of Weapon

PRS Videos

PRS Peacemaker National 2015 Information Video

Tech Videos

MPA California Compliant Pistols and Carbines

Defender Series Videos

MPA Defender Pistol Video
MPAR556 GoPro

Protector Series Videos

MPA Protector Rev B Upgrade Installation + Disassembly/Reassembly Instructions
MPA380 Protector II – Including Trigger Bar Info

Defender Series Accessories & Technical Videos

Suppressors Videos

MPA Vigilant – Manufacturing and Testing (vs. AAC Prodify)
MPA 556S – Product Info and Testing (vs AAC M4-2000 & Huntertown Arms Kestrel)

MPAR556 Technical Videos

Installation of the MPAR Bolt Hold Open Feature
Installation of the MPAR New Piston Upgrade

MPA Bolt Action Videos