Compliant Firearms

California Compliant (see other states below)
MasterPiece Arms announces the Defender Carbine Models MPA1SST, MPA20SST and MPA9300SST  and the MPAR556 now meet and exceed the State of California’s requirements on the sale and ownership of semi-automatic center-fire rifles. California restricts the sale and possession of semi-automatic center fire rifles with the capacity to accept a detachable magazine and other specified features. California regulations, however, exclude magazines that require the use of a tool to be removed from being deemed “detachable magazines.” Our new CA line of MPA Defender Carbines meets and exceeds these requirements by developing our magazine lock design thereby rendering the magazine “non-detachable” under California law.


The new design of the pistol caliber versions includes the absence of the protruding tab at the bottom of the magazine catch, which normally permits the user to push with the thumb and remove the magazine. The tab has been machined flush with the main body of the magazine catch with a precision hole added at a 30 degree angle. The removal of the tab eliminates the ability of the user to remove the magazine unless an external tool is used. To remove a California compliant Defender Carbine magazine, the user inserts the MPA provided tool into the precision hole and pushes downward, actuating the internal magazine release system.

The new California compliant MasterPiece Arms Defender Carbines include the MPA20SST–CA, a 9mm side–cocking Defender Carbine, the MPA9300SST–CA, a 9mm Carbine based on the Mini 9 Configuration and the MPA1SST–CA, a .45 ACP side–cocking Defender Carbine. All come with a scope mount, 10 Round Non–Detachable Magazine, Tool, Muzzle Break and 16.25–inch threaded barrel.


MPAR 2014

The MPAR556 includes a non-side folding stock, bullet button non-detachable magazine release, 10 round magazine and muzzle brake (no flash hider). Other features meet the requirements for the state of California.

MPA Defender Pistols

The MPA Defender Pistols are “Roster Exempt” per CA 12133PC and are considered a single shot pistol.MasterPiece Arms (MPA) Defender series of Pistols has been tested and has met with all of the State of California’s requirements on the sale and ownership of semi–automatic pistols. The California Edition Defender pistols include models for the top and side–cocking 9mm and .45 ACP. MPA redesigned the Defender pistols in their state–of–the–art manufacturing facility in Carrollton, Georgia to meet all California pistol requirements including a single–shot only capability, a permanent muzzle–break and a magazine that is a zero capacity mag and requires the use of a tool to be removed from being deemed a “detachable magazine.”


The California complicate Defender pistols meet all size and length requirements, as well. All pistols include a MasterPiece Arms case for the pistol, dummy zero capacity magazine and a lifetime warranty on every one of MasterPiece Arms Defender pistols.

New York Compliant MPAR556BA

MPAR 2014

This New York Compliant MPAR556 is a Bolt Action Rifle. There is no gas system and the weapon operates in the same manner as a bolt action rifle – by definition – by manually opening and closing the bolt to load and unload the weapon.  Because the firearm is considered a Bolt Action Rifle, and not semi-automatic,  none of the Assault  Weapon  laws or considerations apply, other than the magazine restriction.

One of the benefits of the MPAR556BA, is that the firearm can be rapidly fired with the firearm still shouldered by the operator – but in a “Bolt Action” method. Additionally, if the owner of the BA rifle moves out of the state of New York, he/she can simply purchase a standard MPAR upper and have the firearm operate in a tradition manner for a firearm of this type.

This MPAR556BA can be sold in any state in the union that allows the sale of Bolt Action Rifles. This also applies to New Jersey, Maryland and other states with restrictive semi auto rifle laws.

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