MPA Customer 1 Support Program

The new MasterPiece Arms Customer Service Mission states that all warranty repairs will be completed and shipped back to the customer within 48 hours of receipt. Orders for all in-stock accessories will be shipped to the customer within 48 hours of the receipt of the order (does not apply to items out of stock). If, for any reason, MPA does not notify the customer or ship the warranty repair or in-stock product within 48 hours (Monday - Friday only), MPA will issue a $25.00 certificate to be used on any MPA accessory or service.

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At Masterpiece Arms, we are constantly striving to improve the usage and aesthetic value of our weapons. New enhancements are being added on a regular basis. So keep this in mind when viewing the images shown on this site. We update our images 1 to 2 times per year and occasionally the weapons we are producing have enhancements that are not shown on the image. Also, due to the frequency of the enhancements we are making, a weapon that one of our dealers has in their inventory may not have all of these new features. So if you see a new feature or upgraded components on our product images, contact MPA if you’re interested in adding this item to your MPA product. Most enhancements can be swapped out, some cannot. So check with MPA.

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