MPA BA Academy – Pennsylvania – 1 Day PRS Clinic


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Masterpiece Arms Academy offers a 1-day Match Performance Enhancement Clinic designed to increase the shooters skill and performance at competitions. This clinic is formatted to suit shooters of all levels of experience and skill. The staff will lead students through a course of fire, evaluate, and make necessary changes to increase the shooter’s performance. This class is also often held the day before the 1-day PRS Regional matches at MKM in Kennerdale, PA.

There will be a 1 day regional points match the next day at MKM Precision.  Shooters are encouraged to sign up and shoot the match the following day.


Key Topics Covered:
Weapon Setup and Maintenance for Competition
Wind Reading and Adjusting Techniques
Stage Breakdown and Planning
Methods to Deal with Match Stress
Using Popular Match Equipment

Customer Should Bring:

  • A complete competition rifle with optic that will hold 1 MOA or better Accuracy
  • The optic must have elevation and windage adjustments – preferable via externally marked turrets.
  • Ammunition – 100 Rounds Max
  • Front Bipod and Rear Bag, Positional Bags and any other competition related items you want to bring.

Instructors will be Ken Sanoski, Matt Stiner and Mark McCensky. The instructors are considered some of the best PRS shooters in the country.

We will provide an entire inventory of bags, tripods, bipods, and other devices used in PRS style of shooting for the student to try/evaluate

1 Day PRS Clinic – Friday March 17th 
1 Day PRS Clinic – Friday June 9th 
1 Day PRS Clinic – Friday September 15th