MPA BA Rotating Barricade Stop


6 in stock (can be backordered)

Use this quick disconnect rotating barricade stop on your MPA BA Competition and Matrix Chassis with 1/4″ drilled and reamed holes on fore end for a rock solid setup on a variety of barricades. This is an outstanding accessory for your BA system to provide a significant competitive advantage during PRS and similar Long Range Tactical Rifle competitions.

If you have an older BA Rifle or Chassis, with only drilled and tapped holes on the bottom of the fore end and want to utilize this system, contact customer service at MPA to have your chassis sent back in for the necessary modifications.

Thanks to Rich, Kevin, John and Alan for help in developing this awesome attachment.

Watch the two video’s below. Video 1 shows the MPA Rotating Barricade Stop system in action at the recent Woody’s PRS Match.

Video 2 shows the technical and usage details of this system.