MPA Brass Catcher


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Tired of losing brass at your PRS, NRL or Club/Regional Series event? The MPA Brass Catcher is designed for you….

Attaches via the scope base pic rail on your bolt gun. The wire frame that holds the pouch is adjustable “front to back”and “up and down.”

Subtle adjustments can also be made to the wire frame to get the exact fit you want.

The hinge will position the brass catcher closed (up against the ejection port) or open (90 degrees to the ejection port) for easy removal of the brass after your stage.

Holds 15+ pieces of full size short action caliber brass (308, 6.5 & 6mm Creedmoor, etc) or more of smaller brass types such as 6BR, 6BRA, Dasher, etc.

Works only with short action cartridges.