MPA 5.56x45mm Bolt Action Sporting Rifle


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MPAR556-BA Bolt Action Sporting Rifle offers many of the design features of our standard MPAR556 Semi Auto Sporting Rifle, but in a “Bolt Action” configuration.

By definition, a Bolt action is a type of firearm action in which the weapon’s bolt is operated manually by the opening and closing of the breech barrel with a handle. As the handle is operated, the bolt is unlocked, the breech is opened, the spent case is withdrawn and ejected, the bolt is cocked and finally a new round/cartridge is placed into the breech and the bolt closed. The MPAR556-BA falls within this definition. The bolt handle is located on the left side of the upper receiver and can be actuated while the firearm is still shouldered by the user.

How the MPAR accomplishes this design characteristic is quite simple – there is no gas system. The MPAR556-BA has all the standard features of our MPAR series, including full feature handguard, side folding stock (a non-side folder is available), side charging (bolt) handle with forward assist, compatible with AR15/M16 Magazines, mil-spec fire control group and many others –  but the gas block hole is absent in the barrel, the gas block is removed, and there is no piston system.

The MPAR-BA is an ideal rifle for many applications and is compliant in many states where ownership and usage of semi-automatic “AR” type rifles has been banned. Since the BA Rifle by definition is a bolt action, it is not bound by the semi automatic legislative efforts in various states in the USA. The MPAR-BA also accepts standard AR15/M-16 Magazines. It is shipped with a 10 round magazine.

The MPAR-BA series is available in 300aac, 6.8mm spc, 5.56x45mm. Since MPA produces our own barrels, we are also offering Match Grade barrels for these fine rifles.

Since the host receiver is our standard MPAR lower, the MPAR-BA series rifle can be upgraded with any of our uppers. The image shown has our “Tungsten” cerakote finish on the upper and lower receiver. The standard model will come in all black. Cerakote is an upgrade.


  • Caliber – 5.56x45mm (300aac, 6.8mm SPC available)
  • Overall Length – 35″ with Stock Collapsed
  • Weight – 7.6 lbs
  • Barrel Length – 16.2″
  • Barrel Material – Chrome Moly
  • Barrel Twist – 1:9 (1:8 & 1:7 available)
  • Barrel Threads – 1/2-28 tpi
  • Type – Bolt Action, Rotating Bolt
  • Magazine Capacity – 10 Rounds (takes standard AR15/M16 Mags)
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