MPA Pork Chop Rifle




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The MPA Pork Chop is a purpose designed rifle for the Varmint Hunter, Rancher, or Herd Management Purposes. Whether you eliminating Hogs, Pigs, Coyotes, Armadillos, Ground Hogs, Prairie Dogs, or other Varmints, as well as managing the Herd, the Pork Chop Rifle will take care of the job.

The basis of the Pork Chop is our light weight Hybrid Chassis with a customized cerakote paint scheme. This aluminum Masterpiece provides a significant amount of technology to improve your hunting performance. This includes the MPA RAT Rail, Adjustable Cheek Riser and LOP assy, EVG Grip and Thumb Notch, Inclinometer Leveling System, V4 Spigot Mount and a special short LOP Buttstock.

The RAT Rail, which is known in the industry as an Arca Swiss Rail, provides significant flexibility on attaching a bipod or tripod along any location of the fore-end of the chassis.  With respect to Tripod use, this provides the ability for the shooter to attach a tripod directly to the chassis via an Arca Swiss Clamp. This is an extremely rigid setup. Much better than a Hog Saddle or similar clamping devices. This also gives the shooter the ability to position the bipod from the front section of the chassis on the V4 Spigot Mount, to anywhere along the fore-end. For instance, if you have to build a hasty, improvised modified prone position on a rock, boulder, tree stump or other improvised surface, the ability to adjust the location of the bipod gives the shooter a ton of flexibility for an ultra precision shot.

The adjustable Cheek Riser and Recoil Plate assy gives the shooter the ability to fine tune the perfect fit to the shooters body type, LOP and preferred shooting configuration.

The Short Length of Pull Buttstock really comes in handy when shooting off a tripod, or when using a Night Vision Primary optic that may need a shortened eye relief for proper target acquisition. The LOP range on this buttstock is 11.75-13.25″. We can make this longer if needed. Just let us know at the time of order.

The inclinometer leveling system will ensure the rifle is not canted when taking  your shot. No axis errors when used properly.

The Pork Chop provides the hunter with an ability to make longer shots with a rifle that can still be comfortably packed in the most extreme terrain.  From the light weight construction to the technologically superior chassis design, this rifle provides precision hunters an entirely new level of performance and accuracy standard not seen in this segment of the precision hunting market.

We can fine tune the build to your specific application.  From caliber selection, chamber dimensions, barrel length, contour, twist rate and chassis finishing we can design a rifle to meet your long-range precision varmint hunting needs.



  • Caliber – Customer Designated (22 Creedmoor, 6mm Creedmoor, 6.5 Creedmoor, 6.5 PRC, 7mm Saum,  or others. If your preferred caliber is not shown, please contact us)
  • Action – Curtis Custom Axiom Light Weight
  • Barrel – Proof Carbon Fiber Sendero Barrel or other profile
  • Action/Bolt Design – Remington 700 Type
  • Chassis – MPA Hybrid Chassis
  • Rifle Trigger Tech (1-3 lbs Set to your Preference)
  • Magazine – AICS Type (Magpul 5 Round AICS Type Magazine Included)
  • Built In Leveling System (Inclinometer)
  • Thumb Notch
  • Bag Rider
  • Side Folder if an optional configuration
  • New MPA Enhanced Vertical Grip
  • Rifle Weight 8.4 lbs (Hybrid Chassis, 24″ Proof Carbon Fiber Sendero Profile Barrel, Curtis Axiom LW Action)


  • Curtis Custom Axiom Action Lightweight
  • All Critical Features are machined after heat treat (Hard Machining)
  • Recoil Lug Ground to .0001″ Flatness and Parallelism


  • One Piece Bolt with Spiral Fluting
  • All Bolts are Hand Lapped and Fitted to each individual action
  • DLC Coating on the Bolt


  • Proof Carbon Fiber Barrel Blank – Chambered by MPA (Zero Runout System)
  • Threaded 5/8-24 with Thread Protector
  • Precision Gun Drilled, Reamed and Honed
  • Cut Rifled
  • Stress Relieved
  • Hand Lapped
  • Chamber is indicated within .0001″ or less – to the bore of the rifle
  • Sendero Light measures 0.800 at the muzzle.
  • Sendero Measures 0.900 at the muzzle


  • Masterpiece Arms BA Hybrid Chassis (3.3 lbs)
  • Produced from 6061 Aluminum
  • V-Bedding System with Additional clearance for Glass Bedding Action and Straight Section of Barrel
  • MPA Buttstock with Adjustable Cheek Riser, Length of Pull and Bag Rider
  • Spigot Mount Ready
  • V4 Spigot Mount
  • RAT (Rapid Adjustment Technology) 1.5 ” Dovetail Rail (Tripod Direct Attachment)
  • Cerakote Finish – Special Pork Chope Cerakote Finish
  • Leveling System – Inclinometer
  • Thumb Notch
  • New MPA Enhanced Vertical Grip
  • Short Length of Pull Buttstock (11.75-13.25″)


  • Trigger Tech Special Trigger (Set between 1-3 lbs – customer preference)
  • Timney HIT is an optional Trigger (5 oz – 2 lbs range)

Rifle Case

  • Plano Basic Rifle Case


  • Chassis Weight – 3.2 lbs
  • Rifle Weight – 8.4 lbs (with mag, no optic, 24″ Proof Sendero Barrel Profile)
  • Barrel Twist – Varies Depending on Caliber
  • Barrel Length – Varies – Customer Determined
  • Barrel Muzzle Thread – 5/8-24 TPI
  • Barrel Profile – Sendero Profile (others available)
  • Bag Rider – For managing Recoil using rear bag.
  • Coating – Cerakote
  • Length of Pull – 13.5-14.75″
  • Trigger – Trigger Tech
  • Trigger Pull – 1-3 lbs.

Custom Cerakote

You can add any of our customer cerakote or guncandy colors to your Hybrid Hunter. Click here for details.


Custom Cerakote Colors add $135 for the chassis body and $65 for the barreled action. Check with MPA for all the custom colors available.

Additional information

Weight 18 lbs

22 Creedmoor, 223 Wylde, 6GT, Custom Caliber, 6.5 Creedmoor, 6.5 PRC, 6mm Creedmoor

Barrel Length

18", 20", 22", 24", 26"

Barrel Contour


Left Hand / Right Hand

Left Handed, Right Handed

Stock Type

Folder, Non-Folder