MPA RAT Magnetospeed Adaptor


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The RAT Magnetospeed Adaptor is used on our RAT System (Rapid Adjustment Technology). It is designed to provide an attachment method of a Magnetospeed Ver. 2 & 3 to the RAT Dovetail Plate (Spigot Mount) on the MPA BA Chassis.

This will include the RAT Base, Magnetospeed Adaptor Block,  and attachment rod.  **System requires the use of a Spigot Mount (available for purchase HERE ) and a RAT Dovetail adaptor plate for “older version Spigot Mount” (available for purchase HERE) to attach to the chassis **

There is a version for a rifle with a suppressor and without a suppressor. The version with a suppressor will include an extended main rod and a set of spacers to be used for clearance between the main rod and the suppressor body.

This version will work with Magnetospeed Versions 2 & 3. It will not work with Version 1 or the Sporter. (an alternate version will be available for those models).

Watch the video below for details.