MPA RAT Magnetospeed Adaptor


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The RAT Magnetospeed Adaptor is used on our RAT System (Rapid Adjustment Technology). It is designed to provide an attachment method of a Magnetospeed Ver. 2 & 3 to the RAT Dovetail Plate (Spigot Mount) on the MPA BA Chassis.

This will include the RAT Base, Magnetospeed Adaptor Block,  and attachment rod.  **System requires the use of a Spigot Mount (available for purchase HERE ) and a RAT Dovetail adaptor plate for “older version Spigot Mount” (available for purchase HERE) to attach to the chassis **

There is a version for a rifle (11.5″ rod) with a suppressor and without a suppressor. The version with a suppressor will include an extended main rod (17.5″) and a set of spacers to be used for clearance between the main rod and the suppressor body.

A 3rd version will be used for the Matrix Pro Chassis. This has the short magnetospeed rod (6.5″) due to the longer fore-end. This version is designed to be used with a muzzle brake. If you are running a suppressor with your Matrix or Matrix Pro, please select this option on the drop down menu. The system will come with either the 6.5″ rod or the 11.5″ rod depending on the application.

This version will work with Magnetospeed Versions 2 & 3. It will not work with Version 1 or the Sporter.

Watch the video below for details.