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The chassis is very well built. Fit and finish was excellent. A lot of thought went into the design to accommodate different shooter requirements and modularity. It balances very well with the popular barrel profiles being used for the LR shooting disciplines out there right now. The level in the stock is a great feature not commonly found on other systems. The ease of adjustability on length of pull and cheek rest height is great, especially since it does not require any tools. I would rate this chassis a 10 out of 10 based on price, features and benefits. It’s really hard to beat for someone that is looking at getting into long range shooting and having an adjustable platform that uses standard AICS magazines or those with the same foot print.     John S.


jeff b

This is the best chassis . I have to say that this chassis utilizes every aspect it can. Very comfortable, very clean looking. I like how its light, very durable. I have had so many complements on this chassis. I have no regrets on my masterpiece ba chassis.  James B.




With all of the chassis choices out there, it can be somewhat overwhelming when it comes time to pick one. The MPA chassis first caught my eye a few months ago at a local gun shop. Awesome machining, integrated features such as the level, rear monopod, and barrier stop, make it very affordable at $875 when compared to other brands. I first received my chassis 2 months ago and have had a chance to put a few hundred rounds through my gun while in it. It is ROCK SOLID. Numerous friends have said the same thing. “This thing is steadier on target than anything I have ever shot.” The integrated level is in a position that doesn’t require ANY movement of the head in order to see it. Unlike scope mounted levels. The Rear monopod is easily micro adjusted while allowing the shooter to maintain a proper cheek weld. I am 100% sold on the chassis system and am still shaking my head at how much value is packed into it for the price.   David C.



I will highly recommend Masterpiece Arms. This is their SA Remington 700 chassis in “Gunmetal” which pleasantly and surprisingly almost matches Bushnell’s scope version of “FDE”. Stock features are; built in level, adjustable LOP and Cheek (wheel), mono-pod (Removable), Nightvision Bridge (Removable if you want) and adjustable barricade stop. It comes with a regular black plastic AR 15 grip but I added the greyish-green Ergo. 5.2lbs without optic, bipod or magazine.  Owned a XLR and have shot MDT and AI 1 & 1.5’s. This is by far my favorite so far.    Sergeant (Snipershide).

danny 1

Danny 2

Thank you for expediting the mag, smaller 3.715” mag worked great, tight fit wiggle free, and chambering rounds worked fine. Was able to put plenty of rounds downrange and was awesome. Shooting session was so confy, I kept piling up brasses…
Super solid when shooting, groupings were sub-moa w/ OE chassis and I expected same results w/ MPA chassis if not better and results were sub-MOAs as epxected, couldn’t be happier… got lots of ooohs-aaahhs from folks and range and kept asking about who’s the custom builder and what kind of chassis/stock?  Tunsteng looks great w/ black action barrel tri-rails…  Charles N

Team MPA Training at Core

Team MPA Training at Core Shooting Solutions in Baker, FL.

IMG_2750 IMG_2766

MPA300WMBA Suppressed and MPA65BA showing results!


MPA Rifle 687 yards in Texas – 300 lb Aoudad


Here are some groups from the MPA BA Rifles

20161023_144200 20161023_144215

Don B’s Savage 308 in our BA Lite Chassis.

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