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Travis Tomasie

Resides in Huntsville, AL. Travis shoots in USPSA and IPSC matches. IPSC World Champion, USPSA National Champion, US IPSC National Champion, USPSA Point Series Champion, 50+ USPSA Area Championship Wins, Captain of Multiple Gold Medal Winning US National Teams, Norway Nationals Champion, Ecuador Open Champion, Swedish National Champion, and South American Cup Champion. MPA Equipment includes a DS40TT and a DS9. Travis is a Veteran of the US Army Marksmanship Unit. He was also featured on an episode of Mythbusters. 

David Lyell

Resides in Hartwell, GA. David shoots in USPSA, IDPA, Steel Challenge, and Multi-Gun matches. USPSA Grandmaster, Multi-Time USPSA SC State Champion, Multiple Top 3 Finishes in various State and Regional Matches around the country. MPA Equipment includes a DS9 Open, DS9 Commander, and a DS9 Hybrid. 

Andrew Hyder

Resides in Canal Winchester, OH. Andrew shoots primarily in USPSA Open Division, but plays around in Limited/L10 Division from time to time. Andrew also shoots Steel Challenge and IDPA. Multiple USPSA State Championship Titles, USPSA Area Championship Titles, multiple Top 5 at U.S. Open Nationals, multiple National Stage Wins, Top 3 at U.S. IPSC Nationals, and qualified for a US World Shoot slot. MPA Equipment includes a DS9 Open, DS40TT, DS9 Hybrid, DS9 Commander, and a DS9 Commander Flush Fit. 

Kyle Mathews

Resides in Durham, North Carolina. Kyle shoots in USPSA, PRS, and 2 Gun matches. 10 Top 5 USPSA Match Finishes including 4 Wins. 1st MIL/LE at Pigg River Precision PRS Match 2022. 3 Top 3 Finishes in North Carolina 2-Gun Matches including 2 wins. MPA Equipment includes an MPA DS9 Hybrid, MPA DS9 Open, MPA BA 6.5 Creedmoor, and an MPA Muzzle Brake. Kyle is also an active Law Enforcement Officer. 

Mel Rodero

Resides in Brownsville, TX. Mel is a longtime member of the USPSA. 2022 IPSC World Shoot competitor. MPA equipment includes an MPA DS9 Open and an MPA DS38SC Open.

Joey Sauerland

Resides in Oxford, OH. Joey is a Grand Master USPSA Competitor in Limited Division. He finished his second year of USPSA with 4 State Championship Wins and Top 20 at his first USPSA Nationals. Multi-Time Area Champion. MPA Equipment includes an MPA DS40 TT with steel grips and an MPA DS9 Hybrid.  

Doug Dalske

Resides in Northern California. Doug shoots in USPSA, IDPA, .22 Silhouette, Service Rifle, Trap and Skeet. He competes regularly at his local matches which hosts over 110 shooters. Doug has multiple wins, both divisional and HOA. MPA Equipment includes an MPA DS9 Open.  

Wayne Ackett

Resides in Zephyrhills, FL. Wayne shoots primarily USPSA and Steel Challenge, but interested in trying PRS. He is a high B Class Senior Shooter. Multiple Class Titles and Top 100 at Nationals. MPA Equipment includes a DS9 Open and an MPA BA PMR Pro II Rifle. Wayne is a 35 year veteran teacher, athletic director, and basketball coach. He loves team sports and has always enjoyed being part of a team. 

Ray Helms

Resides in Western North Carolina. Ray shoots in 3Gun, PRS, NRL22X, Team Sniper, Ruck Matches, and DMR Matches. 3 Team Sniper Wins, NC Police Silver Medalist, 2 DMR Wins, 2 SC State Championship 3Gun Wins, 3Gun Nationals Win, 3 NRL/PRS Wins, 3 Top 3 NRL/PRS Finishes. MPA Equipment includes an MPA DS9 and an MPA PMR Pro Rifle. Ray is “X-Ring” on YouTube with over 90,000 subscribers. He was also a professional car and motorcycle driver for BMW AG in Germany for 13 years. 

Scott Jacob

Resides in LaPlace, LA. Scott shoots USPSA, Steel Challenge, and ICORE matches. 2013 Section Champion in USPSA Single Stack. MPA Equipment includes an MPA DS40 TT. Scott has been competing since 1992 and is classified in all USPSA divisions. 

Chris Britt

Resides in the North Carolina Mountains in Brevard. Chris shoots primarily in USPSA, Multi-Gun, and 3-Gun matches. Chris is currently President and Match Director of North Carolina’s oldest USPSA Club, Asheville Practical Shooting Association. MPA Equipment includes an MPA DS9 Open. He also has a very unique style on the range. 

Gregory Clement

Resides in Lebanon, MO. Gregory shoots in USPSA and Steel Challenge matches. 1st place Collegiate SASP 2022 Nationals 1911 Division, 3rd Place Collegiate SASP 2022 Nationals Centerfire division, 2nd place Missouri State Steel Challenge Championship, B Class win at USPSA Area 3 Championship, 1st Place Open at the Ohio Steel Challenge Classic, 2023 Steel Master World Champion, Michigan Sectional Champion. MPA Equipment includes a DS9 Open and DS40TT. Gregory also spent 2 years on the Hillsdale Action Shooting Team. 

Mike Hwang

Resides in Birmingham, AL. Mike shoots in USPSA and 3 Gun. 5 High Overall State Championship Wins, 7th Overall 2022 Open Nationals, multiple Top 20 National Finishes, 3 Class Wins, multiple 2nd Place Finishes in various State and Regional Championships. MPA Equipment includes an MPA DS9 Open.

Caleb Paterson

Resides in Elberton, GA. Caleb shoots primarily in USPSA. 2 Division USPSA Grand Master, Multi-Time KS State Champion, Multiple Top 3 Finishes in various State and Regional Matches around the country. MPA Gear includes an MPA DS9 Limited Optics.

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