MPA 9mm Buffer Tube Adaptor


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MPA 9mm Buffer Tube Adaptor

Must specify in Customer Notes if you have a Steel Frame or Aluminum Frame

Aluminum lowers have serial number prefix FX or FJ. Steel frame lowers have serial # prefix B, F, J or V.

This adaptor will attach to the lower receiver on any MPA 9mm or 5.7x28mm pistol or carbine. The provides the user the ability to attach any commercial or mil-spec buffer tube to their MPA Firearm. The adaptor includes an ID (female) thread of 1 3/16-16. Through the use of a pistol or rifle buffer tube, any AR15 type rifle stock or Pistol Brace, such as a Sig Sauer SB-15 or similar, can be attached. NFA Rules apply when attaching a Rifle Stock to a Pistol. (However, this does not apply to a Pistol Brace type device – SB15 – or similar.)