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At MPA, we are excited to offer our “12 Days of Christmas” Sale. This will run from Thursday, December 11th, 2019 through Monday, December 23rd, 2019. Here are our Daily Specials:

Thursday, December 12th

Barreled Action Sale – Check out our selection of Barreled Actions that are in stock and ready to ship. 

Curtis Axiom Barreled Actions

MPA/Curtis PMR Barreled Actions

Friday December 13th

MPA BA Mounts use Coupon Code “pic rail” to get a free Top Mounted Pic Rail with the purchase of each MPA BA Mount.

Saturday December 14th

Sunday December 15th

MPA Hoodies

MPA Skull Caps

MPA Long Sleeve T-Shirts

Monday December 16th

All CZ455/457 Accessories

Tuesday December 17th

MPA30SST Defender Pistol

Wednesday December 18th

Blem Rifles Ready to Ship


Thursday December 19th

Chassis Specials

BA Chassis – Tikka – Black

BA Chassis – Tikka – Gunmetal

Hybrid Chassis – REM Long Action – Burnt Bronze

Friday December 20th

MPA Muzzle Brakes

Saturday December 21st

RAT Magnetospeed Adapter

RAT Magnetospeed V3 Display Holder

RAT Barricade Stop

Sunday December 23rd


Monday December 23rd

Hybrid Chassis Night Vision Bridge

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