Barrel Porting (For DS9 Barrels)


Select this option if you already own an MPA DS9 Pistol and would like to port the barrel.

Barrel porting reduces muzzle rise and allows the pistol to shoot flatter. This is currently allowed in IDPA competitions, but not USPSA Limited Optics.

Here is how the process works:

  1. Order this item from our website
  2. Print out the order confirmation on a printer
  3. Ship the barrel back to Masterpiece Arms and include the printed order confirmation with the barrel
  4. MPA will receive the barrel, deliver to the DS department for Barrel Porting, then return the Ported Barrel to shipping to be sent back to you (the customer).

Shipping address is:

MPA, 4904 Highway 98 East, Comer, GA. 30629

Attn: DS Deparment

Price includes shipping the barrel back to the customer. (Customer pays to ship the barrel to MPA)