DS Pistol Tune Up



If you would like to send in your DS Series Pistol for a complete Tune Up, we are willing to help:

Here is what is included in this service:

  • Full Parts Strip and Clean
  • Full Inspection of the pistol
  • Tuning of Trigger and Extractor (as needed)
  • Inspect and Replace Springs as needed (as no charge)
  • Polish the Feedramp
  • Inspect the Chamber and Polish if needed
  • Provide a list of any wear parts that need to be replaced, along with the cost (spring replacements are included at no charge)

Here is what is NOT included in this service:

  • Shipping to and From MPA
  • Cost for replacement parts due to misuse or abuse


  1. Add this to the cart and purchase this item
  2. Ship the pistol to Masterpiece Arms, 4904 Highway 98 East, Comer, GA. 30629.
  3. Inside the box, with the pistol, please print out a copy of your order and include with the shipment. This will allow us to track the pistol upon its return. This is required.