Mag Block Insert


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Mag Block Insert

This insert is designed to fit into the mag catch slot in Short Action MPA BA, BA Comp & Hybrid Chassis. This part was originally designed to work with Curtis Custom Vector Actions, for customers who wanted to run AICS magazines (on an AW Cut Action), to eliminate the gap before the AICS mags make contact with the action. However, we have also found these very useful for eliminating feeding issues when a competition shooter is putting weight or pressure on either the bottom or front of their magazine, such as when shooting from a barricade.

When installing these, after you have verified fit and tested with a magazine, we recommend that you remove the insert and place some adhesive to the top flat surface to make contact with the top of the pocket in the mag slot in the chassis. Superglue or similar is recommended.

Slight polishing may be required for proper fit. You will receive (1) Version 1 and (1) Version 2 inserts with each order. Please watch the video below for installation instructions.