MPA DN5 – 30 Cal – Bolt Action Muzzle Brake



MPA DN5 Bolt Action Muzzle Brake – 30 Cal 

This is the 30 Cal version of our tremendously popular Dn5 brake. This version is designed for calibers that generate additional gas pressures and volume, such as 308 Winchester, 7MM PRC, 7mm Saum and other calibers 308 or smaller.

Thread – 5/8-24 or 3/4-24
Caliber – 308 Winchester Caliber or smaller
Material: Black Nitrided High Tensile Strength Steel
Function: Significantly Reduces Recoil while keeping the muzzle down
Design: The multiple blast ports redirects propellent gases to counter recoil from the firearm. The unique port pattern also directs the gas upward, forcing the muzzle down. This allows the shooter to see trace and bullet impact/misses for more concise follow up shots.

These brakes are specifically designed to be used in PRS style competitions when extreme recoil reduction is required during the firing of the rifle to allow the shooter to stay on target for follow up shots. Using our special testing system, we have tweaked the design to achieve a 63% reduction in recoil.

The jam nut collar system utilizes a design that allows the shooter to jam the nut and brake against each other in the appropriate position on the muzzle of the rifle. There are 2 machined flats that are used to both level the brake body as well as interfacing with an adjustable wrench for installation of the brake.  It not only eliminates the need for ground shims, but also aligns the ID of the brake perpendicular with the shoulder of the barrel, minimizing initial point of impact shift.


This brake is not designed for 300 Norma, 300PRC, 300Win Mag or other long action calibers. This is a brake designed for competition shooting….