MPA DS9 Limited Optics Comp (LOC)


The DS9 Limited Optics Competition Pistol was designed with heavy influence from our Team MPA members, which includes some of top Shooters in the USPSA. The DS9 LOC is a 9mm Minor Pistol intended for use in USPSA Limited Optics Division.


Please allow 18-20 weeks to build this pistol

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MPA DS9 Limited Optics Comp (LOC)

This pistol configuration is designed specifically for USPSA Limited Optics Division.

On May 1st 2023, the USPSA will begin the Limited Optic Provisional Division. At MPA, we have created the ideal pistol configuration for Top Level Performance for shooters who want to win. 

Our DS Series Pistols are hand built, hand lapped, tuned and ready to perform. Whether you’re application is shooting 3 Gun, USPSA Comps, Law Enforcement or simply a Shooting Enthusiast, the DS Series Pistols are an outstanding option for these and other applications. 

After the pistols are hand built, they go through a rigorous testing and inspection system to ensure only the highest quality products are getting to our customers. 

The DS Pistols are designed to shoot flat and fast, making successful target engagement easy for all levels of shooters.

The basis of this DS Pistol is our Hybrid, but with these specific enhancements:

  • Stainless Steel Aggressive Grip – with Internal Mag Alignment Technology
  • Optics Plate (your choice of a multitude of Optic Modules for most of the optics used by competitive shooters)
  • Competition Magwell
  • 2.0 lbs. Trigger Pull (Other pull weights available)
  • Nitro Fin 2.0 Thumb Rest Slide Stop
  • Shielded Ambi Safety (available in Black or Silver only)
  • Machined Stainless Steel Trigger Bow

Specific Features for the DS9 Limited Optics Comp:

  • Caliber: 9MM
  • Custom Tuned Trigger 2.0 lbs (other pull weights available)
  • Nitro Fin 2.0 Thumb Rest
  • Stainless Steel Aggressive texturing on the MPA grip
  • Mag Alignment Technology in Grip Funnel
  • Competition Magwell 
  • (2) MBX 141mm 9mm magazines
  • Ideal for USPSA Limited Optics Division

Standard Features:

  • Hand Lapped Frame to Slide Fit
  • Hand Fitted Barrel
  • Hand Fitted Hammer/Sear
  • Full Length Light Rail Frame and Slide Machined from Billet – no Forgings.
  • All parts machined from Barstock and Billet. No MIM, Castings, or Forgings
  • All Parts machined in USA. Components machined by MPA: Frame, Slide, Barrel, BeaverTail/Grip Safety, Ambi Safety, Slide Stop, Firing Pin Stop, Ejector, Magwell, Aluminum or Stainless Grip
  • Incredible Accuracy and Reliability
  • Competition Ready
  • Lifetime Warranty


  • Design: 9mm Wide Body, Double Stack 1911
  • Frame: Steel 5″ with Full Length Light Rail
  • Grip: MPA Machined Stainless Steel Grip Aggressive Grip Texture
  • Hammer: Koenig Hammer, Sear, and Disconnector
  • Trigger Shoe: MPA Machined (Short, Medium, Long Versions Available)
  • Trigger Pull: 2.0 lbs 
  • Springs: Wolff recoil & mainspring, EGW sear spring
  • Magwell: MPA Competition Magwell
  • Barrel: Hand fitted 5″ MPA 416R Vacuum Heat Treated Stainless Bull Barrel
  • Guide Rod: 1 Piece Stainless 
  • (2) MBX Extreme Magazines: 141mm  
  • Type of Pistol: Magazine Fed Semi-Auto 
  • Ammunition: 9mm Minor
  • Safety: Shielded Ambi-Thumb Safety
  • Finish: DLC/PVD Coating/Nitride
  • Overall Length: 8.9” 
  • Height of gun: 7.3”  
  • Weight:  3lbs