MPA Enhanced Bag Rider


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Our newest Enhanced Bag Rider design was designed for F-Class Shooters, and provides a rock solid rear support when using an appropriate dual ear (or “V”) rear bag, such as the Protektor Series Rabbit Ear Design.  It also provides an enhanced level of rear support for all long distance shooters, whether you’re a belly shooter or top level PRS competitor. This design has been successfully used this year at multiple PRS events by Team MPA Shooters.

The stability this rear bag rider provides is incredible, especially when shooting groups.  If you’ve ever had some challenges keeping the rifle ultra stable when prone, this accessory will improve performance.

This Enhanced Bag Rider works with all BA, BA Comp, ESR and BA lite chassis that have a 3 hole pattern on the bottom of the buttstock.

It comes with a black cerakoted bag rider, 2 set screws, and a turned step shaft designed to be inserted into the monopod slot for installation purposes. The side profile is notched to all use of the bottom flush cup for sling or bag attachment.