Matrix Pro Buttstock Weight Reduction Kit


If you have a Matrix Pro Buttstock and want to remove some weight from the Buttstock assembly, this kit is for you. The Kit includes the following:

  • SLS Nylon Cheek Riser
  • SLS Nylon Bag Rider
  • (2) Shaft Collars

You will use the following parts from your existing Assembly:

  • Guide Rods from your Aluminum Cheek Riser Assembly
  • Guide Rods, Center Notch Rod, Springs and Fasteners from your Aluminum Adjustable Bag Rider

You will no longer use the following parts:

  • Cheek Riser Center Threaded Rod
  • (2) Thumb Wheels (Cheek Riser and LOP)
  • Recoil Plate/LOP Assembly Center Threaded Rod
  • Aluminum Cheek Riser
  • Aluminum Bag Rider

By making these changes, you will save 10 oz. of weight (0.625 lb).

Please see the video below for the conversion process.

Please allow 1-2 weeks to ship this kit