MPA Ultra Bag Rider II


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Our new Ultra Bag Rider II combines the benefits of the Enhanced Bag Rider design along with a minimal Butt Hook feature.

This provides a rock solid rear support when using a rear bag when the shooter wants to pull the rifle into the shooters shoulder, improving accuracy performance due to the consistent shoulder pressure applied using this accessory.

The stability this rear bag rider provides is incredible, especially when shooting groups.  If you’ve ever had some challenges keeping the rifle ultra stable when prone, this accessory will improve performance.

This Ultra Bag Rider works with all BA, BA Comp, ESR, BA Hybrid & BA lite chassis that have a 3 hole pattern on the bottom of the buttstock.

Machined from 6061 Aluminum and Black Anodized

It comes with a black Ultra bag rider, 2 Socket Head Cap Screws, and a turned step shaft designed to be inserted into the monopod slot for installation purposes.