MPA BA Academy

Masterpiece Arms has seen a tremendous amount of growth in our long range rifles and chassis systems. This is due to the extreme performance capabilities of the product and a significant growth in the long range precision bolt action rifle market.

Over the past year, it has become apparent that there is a need for specific training for both new shooters to the long range bolt action discipline, as well as experienced shooters who have the desire to participate in long range Precision rifle competitions, such as the PRS series. With this in mind, Masterpiece Arms has created the MPA BA Academy. Below are descriptions of the two levels of training we will be offering:

The Intro Training Program (MPAITP) is designed for students who utilize the MPA BA Rifles or Chassis Systems that are entering the world of long range rifle marksmanship. The intro course will build solid shooting fundamentals and provide data that the shooter will be able to take anywhere and successfully engage targets at distance. Additionally, the intro course is designed so that the shooter will be able to trouble shoot problems with the rifle, scope or ammunition. Focus will be on fundamentals of building a strong shooting position, understanding and utilization of windage and elevation adjustments on your optic, and reading atmospheric conditions such as mirage and wind. This will be a 2 day course.

The Advanced Competition Training Program (MPAACT) is designed for experienced shooters who desire the start competing in long range Precision Rifle Competitions such as the PRS or many of the regional Sniper competitions held throughout the US. This is designed for shooters who utilize the MPA BA Rifle or Chassis system. Focus on time management, building stable and consistent positions, and utilization of the many benefits of the MPA BA Chassis in various shooting scenarios that you will experience in these competitions.  This will be a 2 day course.

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