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Masterpiece Arms is introducing our Bolt Action Academy. This concept is driven by a significant need within this long range shooting community to provide continuing education to all levels of shooters. In addition to the many new entrants to this wonderful shooting sport, the technology is evolving at a rapid rate. This scenario has created a void between the technology and information available to the shooters.  MPA’s involvement in the Long Range Shooting community is extensive and our ability to provide this level of education, we feel, is a task that we embrace. We are dedicated long range shooters and feel its our responsibility to share the knowledge. 

The BA Academy includes the following:

  • Training Classes – at various locations across the country including a variety of class type and focus
  • Video Training and Instruction – this will be available to all MPA customers. These short but effective training video’s will cover a variety of topics including position building, MPA Chassis and Rifle Technology, handloading techniques, and others.
  • MPA BA Academy Videos
  • Load Development – We can develop custom loads for your MPA Rifle. Just tell us the goals and objectives and we can make it happen.
  • Rifle and Chassis Development – let us help you design the ideal configuration for your next Long Range rig based on your application.

Here is more information on these services:

Is designed for students who are entering the world of long range rifle marksmanship. The intro course will build solid shooting fundamentals and provide data that the shooter will be able to take anywhere and successfully engage targets at distance. Additionally, the intro course is designed so that the shooter will be able to trouble shoot problems with the rifle, scope or ammunition. Focus will be on fundamentals of building a strong shooting position, understanding and utilization of windage and elevation adjustments on your optic, and reading atmospheric conditions such as
mirage and wind. This will be a 2 day course. 

Is designed for students who are looking for advanced long range enhancement to their existing skill set. This class will cover the mechanical setup of your rifle (torque specs, advanced optic usage and understanding), advanced position building, methods to ensure extreme accuracy performance, advanced ballistic considerations, data gathering, creating and using dope cards, advanced usage of ballistic calculators and wind meters (Kestrel), advanced wind reading, moving target strategy, and mind and time stress events. This will be a 2 day class.

Is designed for experienced shooters who desire to start competing in long range Precision Rifle Competitions such as the PRS, NRL, Club Series or many of the regional Sniper competitions held throughout the US. Focus on time management, building stable and consistent positions, advanced wind and mirage reading, stage strategy and preparation, equipment usage, as well as ballistic and caliber considerations for an ideal competition setup – all with the objective of improving your performance in positional long range shooting competitions. This will be a 2 day course.

Additional Services

LOAD DEVELOPMENT – Would you like MPA to develop a precision load for your long range objectives? Base on your application, distance accuracy requirements and goals, MPA can develop a load for your rifle. This will include specifics such as powder weight and type, primer type, brass supplier, die configuration and setup, bullet “jump” measurements, bullet and velocity designation, and accuracy results. For more information on load development, please click on this link.

PRECISION RIFLE SETUP AND CONFIGURATION – MPA will help you design your Precision Rifle including chassis type, caliber, barrel length and contour, optic and mount type and auxiliary equipment.

VIDEO INSTRUCTION – MPA will be providing video training on advanced usage of our Precision Rifles, Chassis as well as positional techniques plus handloading methods. These will be available on our website to all MPA customers.

Click on this link to access all of our BA Academy Videos:

Here is our schedule for BA Academy Training: (Click on the class below to register)

June 21st Match Performance Class at Arena Training Facility – Blakely, GA

September 6th Match Performance Class at Arena Training Facility – Blakely, GA

April 18-19 Intro to Long Range  at Mifflin County Sportsmen’s Club, Lewistown, Pa

July 13-14 Advanced Long Range/Competition Preparedness at Southington Hunt Club – Ohio

September 21-22 Intro to Long Range

October 19-20 Advanced Long Range

Additional Classes will be added.

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