*Chassis Update* Magwell Plate System Upgrade


The magwell plates recently designed for our Matrix Pro is now available for the BA Comp, ESR and Matrix Chassis Remington 700 short action chassis only.

Here is how the program works:

  1. Purchase the upgrade from this product listing on our website
  2. MPA will provide you with an RMA# for the return of your chassis to MPA
  3. Ship the Chassis back to MPA, with the RMA # written clearly on the outside of the shipping box. You can either ship the entire chassis or just the fore-end.
  4. Once received MPA will add the 4 threaded hole pattern on your existing chassis for the attachment of the Magwell Plate system
  5. Purchase your choice of the three magwell plates designed specifically for these chassis (BA Comp, ESR or Matrix).
  6. MPA will ship the chassis back to you.

Please note, when purchasing the magwell plates for your BA Comp, ESR or Matrix, please ensure you DO NOT purchase the ones for the Matrix Pro. They will not fit your chassis type as mentioned above.