MPA 2 Round Holder


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This new 2 Round Holder is designed to fit onto any MPA Matrix, Matrix Pro, BA Competition, Standard Chassis, Hybrid, CSR or BA Lite. This is designed for Short and Long Action Calibers.

Please specify which chassis you have and which caliber.

The  “308” size cartridge will work with 308, 6.5 & 6mm Creed, Dasher, BR, 260, 243, 6.5 & 6 x 47.

The other cartridges are identified in the drop down menu.

The design of the holder presents the round at a slight angle, making it easier for the shooter to grab hold of the back of the cartridge for quick removal.

The system attaches to any of the six oblong slots on either side of the magazine well.

To install, watch the video on the adjacent tab