MPA Chassis Skid Pad



MPA Chassis Skidpad

The MPA Chassis Skidplate was a collaboration between Chris Gittings, ESC and MPA. The intent was to create a skid pad that offered a minimal pad between the object your shooting off that also aided the shooter in taking out irregularities between the prop and rifle. Often times as a competitor moving gear from position to position can increase stress and possibly cause you to time out. The nature of this pad offers unparalleled versatility. One popular way of defeating a stage is shooting free recoil from the top of a heavy bag. This pad has a strip of nonskid to aid in gripping any type of bag or prop you are called upon to shoot from.

The design incorporates (2) filled outriggers that help provide stability to your shooting position as well as a non-skid strip in the center to properly grip the surface your rifle is contacting.

It attaches to your rifle and frees up a hand to manipulate other gear needed in a stage. It shines when called upon to moderate an uneven or unstable prop. It attaches to the rifle via velcro strips (included) so the use of the Masterpiece Arms barricade block system or accessories that attach via the RAT Arca rail remains unaffected. This pad can be another tool you can call upon to defeat a wide array of stages a Match Director can throw at you.