MPA Hunter Comp Chassis



Please allow 6 to 8 week to build this chassis

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Due to growth of Hunting related Competitive Shooting, such as NRL Hunter, Steel Safari, Mammoth Sniper Challenge and others, we decided to create a chassis for these applications.

In designing the chassis, there were 2 basic criteria that needed to be met:

  • Weight Reduction
  • Competition Features and Enhancements


We feel the Hunter Comp Chassis accomplishes these goals. The Fore End of the Chassis body is a single piece of machined billet aluminum. No bolt on segments that can come loose during use. The chassis includes a full length arca rail for attachment of bipods, tripods and accessory plates. The design also includes design features that reduce flex during use – which can have a very negative effect on the accuracy performance of the rifle. The spigot mount, mag release, locations for 2 round holders and other accessory mounting locations give the shooter many configuration options.

The buttstock is very light for weight balance, but built for rigidity. Its purpose designed for the lightweight competitive shooter.  Recoil pad and plate are adjustable for cant and LOP and the cheek riser is also adjustable for height.

This is a high performance, no frills design – perfect the demanding long range competitive shooter or hunter.

  • Chassis Weight 3.5 lbs (56 oz) – complete including NV Bridge
    • Weight Reduction by changing to A2 Grip (less 2.75 oz)
    • Weight Reduction by removing NV Bridge (less 3.2 oz)
    • Weight Reduction by removing Aluminum Spigot Mount (less 1.95 oz)
    • Weight Reduction by removing Rubber Recoil Pad (less 2.2 oz)
    • Revised Weight with removing all above items 2.86 lbs (45.9 oz)
  • Fore End Length – 12.25″
  • Fore End Width – 1.570″
  • Fore End Type – Hybrid
  • Buttstock Type – Ultra Lite
  • Cheek Riser Material – SLS Nylon 12 – Light Weight
  • Max Barrel Diameter – 1.200″
  • Chassis Material – 6061 Alum
  • Coating – Cerakote
  • Magazine Compatibility – AICS or AW (Short Action) or AICS (Long Action)
  • Built in Arca Rail
  • Night Vision Bridge is locatable along the full length of the Fore End (not fixed)
  • A2 Grip Interface (any AR15 Grip will fit)
  • Spigot Mount Included
  • Bag Rider Included
  • Lightweight Cheek Riser Included
  • Aluminum V-Bedding
  • Lug Lock
  • Leveling System – Inclinometer
  • QD Sling Swivel Locations on Fore End and Buttstock
  • Recoil Pad is adjustable on Height and Cant
  • LOP Adjustment from 13.5 – 14.5″ (youth Model available)
  • Cheek Riser Adjustable – Set by Shaft Collars